Excellence in Flexography

FTA 2014 Excellence in Flexography Awards

For four days in late January inside the halls of Baltimore, MD’s Grand Historic Venue, hundreds of competitors sought to one up each other. Thirty-three judges examined the entrants in great detail, debating the merits of each in groups. When the dust had settled, there were 102 honors to be bestowed, broken out into 38 bronze medals, 34 silver medals and 28 gold medals; among those gold medals, 6 were chosen as exemplary, earning “Best of Show” designation. All involved vowed not to speak of the results.

The printers taking home “Best of Show” honors for their work are:

  • Sunshine FPC, Inc., for its Seafood Medley In A Ginger Noodle Broth Wrapper
  • Marvaco Oy Ltd, for its Falcon BBQ Wrapper
  • Cellotape-Landmark Label, for its Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs Tonic Alchemy Label
  • Lewisburg Container Co., for its Boulevard Brewing Co. Pale Ale Box
  • RockTenn Co., for its Hartz Multi Cat Litter Box
  • Mac Papers Envelope Converters, Inc., for its Dish Cinema Multi Sport Pack Envelope
2014 BOS winner

Sunshine FPC, Inc.’s Seafood Medley In A Ginger Noodle Broth Wrapper

2014 BOS winner

Marvaco Oy Ltd.’s Falcon BBQ Wrapper

2014 BOS winner

Cellotape-Landmark Label’s Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs Tonic Alchemy Label

2014 BOS winner

Lewisburg Container Co.’s Boulevard Brewing Co. Pale Ale Box

2014 BOS winner

RockTenn Co.’s Hartz Multi Cat Litter Box

2014 BOS winner

Mac Papers Envelope Converters, Inc.’s Dish Cinema Multi Sport Pack Envelope

Nearly one quarter of the 100 awarded medals—23, or 23 percent—went to entries in the wide web category. Among them, 6 were gold, 7 were silver and 10 were bronze. Judges in the category were Bill Malm of Flexo Wash, Bettylyn Krafft of the Phoenix Challenge, John Anderson of Kodak, Bart Wright of InterFlex Group, Curt Smith of Luminite, Peter Menzian of DuPont Packaging Graphics, Mark Miller of Anagram International, Scott Seymour of Cryovac, Scott McLeod of robbie fantastic flexibles, Pam Dorrough of 3M, Sean Teufler of Harper Corporation of America and Rory Marsoun of Esko.

The mid web judges—Bob Loescher of ACTEGA WIT, Caryn Kuehl of Coating Excellence International, John Campbell of ACTEGA WIT and Courtney Norris of DuPont Packaging Graphics—awarded 2 medals of the gold, silver and bronze variety to the pieces they observed. This group also judged the napkin category and gave out 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Once again, the narrow web category commanded the largest number of medals. With 7 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 10 bronze medals, a total of 27 awards went to entrants in this group. Judging the category’s jobs were Misty Sharp of ALC Group, Dan Crammer of Best Label, Kim Madigan of Smyth Companies, Kim Tuccitto of Best Label, Cayleigh Nichols of Esko and James Ford of Color Resolutions International

Cordes Porcher of Corrugated Synergies International, Mark Coffman of Dixie Graphics, Geoff Roznak of Great Northern Corp., Rick Pomerenka of Printron, Bob Dauses of OEC Graphics and Mark Sukovich of MillerCoors were the flexo industry experts tasked with judging the combined corrugated category. That included corrugated entries, which earned a trio of each medal type, as well as the preprinted linerboard segment, where 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 4 bronze medals were awarded.

Envelopes entrants were critiqued by Bill Rund of Mac Papers Envelope Converters, Brett Buratti of Little Rapids, Maggie Reed of Agfa Pitman, John Patrick of Tension Corp., Andy Schipke of W+D North America, Inc. and Joe Krstulic of INX International. They awarded 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. The envelope judges also evaluated the self promotion entries, bestowing two awards, along with student pieces. In the college student segment, 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal were awarded. In the high school student segment, 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals were awarded.


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Read more about the judging process and all medal winners, along with other winners honored at FTA’s Annual Banquet & Awards Program in the May issue of FLEXO magazine.

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