TEST logoWhat Is TEST?

As processes and technologies rapidly change, and as customers continue to place more challenging demands on the industry, flexographers find themselves in dire need of a “one-stop” educational and training resource. That’s where TEST comes in.

The TEST program aims to rebuild the Foundation of FTA’s educational programs, products and services to meet the continually changing, and challenging, needs of its members and the flexographic industry as a whole.

To that end, TEST is dedicated to authoring, updating and hosting state-of-the-art curriculums to meet the needs of this ever-changing industry, paying particular attention to addressing the issues identified by FTA’s Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI).

TEST blocks logoTEST has four main objectives

  • TEST Virtual Campus
  • Customized Training & Advisement
  • Co-sponsored Seminars & Events
  • Secondary & Post-secondary Programs


TEST Virtual Campus

TEST’s Virtual Campus is the flexo industry’s single, most comprehensive web-based educational platform designed to help flexographic companies and the professionals they employ achieve specific and measurable developmental goals in all areas of flexography and related subject matter.

The Virtual Campus features flexographic courses, certification and accreditation programs, OSHA safety seminars as well as a multitude of other professional development programs.

FFTA’s Virtual Campus is an ever-changing, ongoing initiative with new developments being added frequently.

Below is a listing of flexo courses currently offered via the Virtual Campus

  • FIRST Operator Certification – Level I (Press, Prepress & Implementation Specialist)
  • FIRST Operator Certification – Level II (Press, Prepress & Implementation Specialist)
  • FIRST Operator Certification – Level III (Press, Prepress & Implementation Specialist)

Co-sponsored Seminars & Events

Throughout the year, TEST offers a variety of seminars and events aimed at helping flexographic companies and their employees stay on top of the tools, technologies, and challenges that arise from today’s ever-evolving flexographic print process.

Customized Training & Advisement

TEST is focused on providing enhanced support for training and advisement, keeping course materials closely aligned with the guidelines outlined in Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances (FIRST).

Secondary & Post-Secondary Programs

In order to meet the demands of a continually advancing flexographic print process, TEST works with complying educational institutions to bring state-of-the-art professional development solutions to the flexographic industry.


$$ Workforce Investment Boards $$

Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) are regional entities created to implement the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 in the United States. Every community in the fifty states and the District of Columbia, is associated with a Local WIB (LWIB). Services vary by state and WIB. The WIB’s main role is to direct federal, state and local funding to workforce development programs. This includes funds from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. WIBs help job seekers get employment information, find out about career development training opportunities and connect to various programs in their area. They provide many no-cost services to employers and often times, training grants. FTA members have successfully obtained training grants from WIBs. To learn more about the opportunities in your region, find your local WIB.

The Harpers photo

TEST’s Founding Sponsors Ron & Katherine Harper

Initial funding for the TEST program has been provided by Ron and Katherine Harper, long-time proponents and benefactors of numerous flexo educational initiatives. Ron and Katherine founded Harper Corporation of America in 1971 to build base cylinders for the engraving and chrome plating trades. Today, Harper Corporation of America is the leading innovator in anilox roll production and restoration for the corrugated, wide web, narrow web and newspaper flexographic printing markets. The company operates globally with manufacturing facilities in Charlotte, NC and Green Bay, WI; and licensees Harper Asia/Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand; and Harper Graphics, Hereford, Germany. The Harper’s also founded two other successful companies in the U.S.; Harper/Love Adhesives in 1978, a joint venture with N.B. Love, Sydney, Australia; and Harper Machinery Corporation in 1981, which they sold in 1989.

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