FIRST Operator Certification

FIRST_Cert_Brch_WEBEarn Your Mark of Excellence.

Today’s competitive workplace requires more than just casual knowledge to succeed. True leaders must demonstrate a complete mastery of the flexographic printing process and a commitment to continuous improvement.

The FIRST Operator Certification program, administered online via the TEST Virtual Campus, offers three, 3-level certification programs. Each program leverages proven e-learning technology to empower working professionals to hone their expertise and give their plant a decided advantage over the competition.

Choose to become FIRST:

  • Press Operator Certified
  • Prepress Operator Certified
  • Implementation Specialist Certified

RFIRST Certification logosegardless of which designation you choose, you will:

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Boost productivity
  • Achieve consistent, repeatable & color-accurate results
  • Gain a decided advantage over the competition
  • Increase & sustain customer satisfaction
  • Win repeat orders
  • Build enthusiasm, initiative & innovation among employees

The end result? Proficiency-demonstrated by high-quality, repeatable & consistent results.

FIRST Methodology

FIRST supports the methodical approach to process control, optimization, fingerprinting, characterization and process improvement as outlined in CGATS TR 012-2003 (Graphic Technology – Color Reproduction and Process Control for Packaging Printing). While each organization may use its own workflow based upon its specific needs, there are certain fundamentals universal to the flexographic printing process. With a firm understanding and application of the FIRST methodology, flexographers can: identify potentially troublesome issues, benchmark press performance, utilize statistical analysis to maintain optimal conditions, perform accurate device calibrations, identify improvement opportunities and preserve stable conditions for repeatable results –all with the end result of satisfactorily reproducing the graphic design.

“In terms of delivering FIRST training, in large scale, to our entire workflow, online training is the only practical solution. We can’t shut down production or send everyone away to be trained this intensely. This program considers the complete package, from the initial graphics in prepress to final production. FTA has got a winner on its hands in virtual training.”
—John Crammer, General Manager, Best Label, Inc.

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