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Accredo Packaging, Avery Dennison Win 2014 Sustainability Excellence Awards

One printer, one product, two journeys—each focusing on people, planet and profit—took all accolades in Flexographic Technical Association’s newly minted 2014 Sustainability Excellence Awards competition. By name, this year’s honorees, and their respective categories of recognition, are:

  • Accredo Packaging of Sugar Land, TX in the Sustainability Programs category
  • Avery Dennison of Mentor, OH in the Innovations in Sustainability category

“The FTA Sustainability Excellence Award program clearly illustrates that flexographic printers and suppliers have integrated environmentally conscious manufacturing methods into the very core of their businesses,” commented Judge Marygrace Quigley of Label Technology in Merced, CA.

Accredo Packaging: Sustainable & Successful

Accredo Packaging“Accredo Packaging Inc. embodies sustainability throughout the business model clearly demonstrating an exceptional unprecedented sustainable program,” said Judge Dolores Corcoran, productivity system manager at Lauterbach Group, Inc. in Sussex, WI. “The biobased product could have easily been a forerunner under the innovation category. I applaud the work.” To that, Quigley added, “Accredo has made sustainability the backbone of its company.”

Malcolm Cohn, director of sustainability for Accredo, is confident that, “Accredo Packaging has established itself as a leading flexible packaging manufacturer with a strong commitment to sustainability.” He further observed, “As one of our core values, sustainability is critical in the products we create, our worker safety initiatives and our environmental policies. Our owners and executives take a leadership role in promoting a sustainable operating environment—whether that’s looking at current, day to day operations or forecasting future needs and requirements.”

Accredo FactoryAccredo’s 350,000 sq. ft. production facility is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Its plant is powered by 100 percent wind generated electricity. Cohn reported, “It is the only flexible packaging company with this accreditation. To achieve this certification, the owners made a long term investment of time and resources to design, build and operate a facility according to stringent environmental requirements, from optimizing procurement materials, to energy usage, to waste management.”

Accredo offers a number of sustainable product options to customers—pre packaged foods and consumer products markets in North America. High barrier flexible packaging is sourced from conventional hydrocarbon based raw materials, but produced in a more sustainable production process. The focus in its development is placed on eliminating waste and minimizing the carbon footprint. Results of actions taken to date are noteworthy:

  • Precise registration and color accuracy result in significant reduction in ink and solvent usage
  • A proprietary ink delivery system, use of expanded color gamut process printing and state of the art equipment enables Accredo to significantly reduce waste, input materials and solvent emissions
  • Accredo offers zippered standup pouches made from components that are certified compostable and packaging made from primarily renewably sourced feedstock from sugar cane
  • One of Accredo’s standup pouches meets the U.S. Food & Drug Administration requirements to be certified “biobased”

Avery Dennison: Pet Project

Five years into its sustainability journey, Avery Dennison has expanded its sense of what’s possible. The company and its team members—from the executive office on down to the manufacturing floor—now envision a world in which all label and packaging materials are responsibly sourced. It sees corporations partnering with customers and communities to address significant problems in ways that benefit people and the planet.

Avery Dennison CleanFlakeSpeaking on behalf of the entire organization, encompassing operations in 50 countries and 26,000 employees, Maria Kula, communications manager within the North American materials group, explained, “We are facilitating a network for printers, packagers and packaged goods brands to reduce waste across the industry. We are in the process of setting new, long term targets. We will raise the bar for energy, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and workplace safety, and at the same time continue to work with our stakeholders on recycling and social compliance.”

Innovation captured the 2014 FTA Excellence in Sustainability Award. “CleanFlake was designed to address the lifecycle impacts of pressure sensitive labels and full bottle shrink labels on PET recyclability,” Kula said. “CleanFlake can help brands and consumer packaging companies adhere to design for recycling guidelines, so that their PET bottles and containers can be easily collected and do not contribute to contamination and yield loss of recycled PET supply.”

The manufacturer reported that, when PET bottles can be easily converted to RPET flake or pellet, lifecycle analysis shows a reduction in all impact categories for processing, when compared to virgin PET: fewer petroleum products, less energy use, water use and waste generated, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, when the RPET flake or pellet is used to make products, the lifecycle benefit continues. For every pound of virgin PET replaced with RPET:

  • Energy use is reduced by 84 percent
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 71 percent
  • For every 1,000 tons of PET plastic recycled, 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated
  • 53 billion BTUs of energy are conserved compared to using virgin PET

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Read more about the Sustainability Excellence Awards winners and the other honors handed out at FTA’s Annual Banquet & Awards Program in the May issue of FLEXO magazine.


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