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“Booyah!”: Packaging & Packers Enthusiast Paul Lancelle Is Welcomed Into FTA Hall of Fame

Paul Lancelle Hall of FameForty years a “print junkie,” his appreciation for, and insistence on, well executed work never subsides. He encourages all who will listen to aspire to “reach new heights,” then demands they forge a lifelong commitment to “an astringent process control plan.” He sets the example and morphs into coach and mentor.

Over the years, this flexographer’s roles have been highly diverse, ranging from prepress manager to troubleshooter, consultant to technical specialist, business development manager to chair, organizer to fundraiser, community activist to “cheesehead,” globetrekker to team owner, and village trustee to visiting professor.

Like so many print jobs he has handled, he too transitioned from offset to flexo, linked his professional career with Flexographic Technical Association’s ideals and vision, became increasingly more active, helped to set FTA’s strategic direction and hasn’t looked back since the very early 1990s.

To him, “BOOYAH!” is more than just a cheer, chanted to recognize victory and accomplishment; it’s a passion—a chicken and vegetable stew, traditionally cooked over an open fire, that is the central point of a world championship cookoff—tied to the release of his beloved Packers’ schedule and timed to coincide with the team’s bye week or a Monday night game. All proceeds go to benefit the local Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Paul Lancelle 1For the 53rd inductee into FTA’s Hall of Fame, one of the founding fathers of the Booyah World Championship, it’s been a passion for going on 18 years. His unwavering support for special needs families already stretches back and will span a lifetime.

Paul Lancelle, technical specialist in All Printing Resources’ Technical  Solutions Group, current Excellence in Flexography Awards chairman, father of four—including two special needs children—and one of several thousand minority shareholders in the Green Bay Packers, is that individual—the newest member of FTA’s most prestigious society, its Hall of Fame.

Career Snapshot

Paul’s printing career began back in 1976, when he was fresh out of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Initial management duties came at Citizen Printing, where he served as prepress manager from 1990 to 1991. Paul held the same title at Brown County Publishing Co. for the next year and one half. He found flexo when he moved on to Green Bay Engraving and became vice president, technical development. In 2008, he joined Kodak as senior business development manager, packaging and became part of APR’s “Team Flexo” in May 2013.

Training is in his blood. With a knowledge base that extends through prepress, plate making, print and postpress applications that crosses into all market segments, his expertise and willingness to share and instruct on proper practice and technique has brought Paul to some 15 countries and five continents.

Among the bits of wisdom he has shared, both in person and in writing in the pages of FLEXO are the following: “Flexo will continue to gain marketshare over competitive print processes, in large part because much more emphasis is being placed on the functionality and value that can be obtained through flexographic technical applications.” That point, made in 2002, was similar to one put out just one year later: “Color management application and technology continue to evolve, leading to improved consistency and repeatability.”

Paul Lancelle 2Long a proponent of optimizing the flexo color gamut, in 2014, Lancelle told readers, “The age old mantra of benchmarking and characterization from a given set of print conditions, with optimization as an ongoing goal, remains as the basis in laying the foundation for any successful process control program.”

FTA Experience

No stranger to the FTA stage. Paul took to the podium at 1991’s Fall Conference and soon became a fixture. He delivered a repeat performance, addressing “Get Your Color Here,” at the same event exactly 10 years later. In the interim, he found his footing at the Forum lectern as well, initially speaking at the 1999 event and repeating in 2000 and 2001.

By 2002, he accepted the next challenge and filled the role of session cochair. Next in progression: chair of the 2003 Forum, staged in Salt Lake City, UT. While speaking has been his forte, early assignments found Lancelle participating in the Flexo Quality Consortium’s 1998 Doctor Blade and Characterization and 1999 Press Characterization projects. That led to his development of a 1999 Press Characterization Tutorial.

Project FOG—Flexo, Offset and Gravure—caught his attention in 2001, as well as his support in orchestrating the demonstration projects that it entailed. And in 2006 he spoke to “Professional Development in Simple Terms.”

By that time in 2006, Paul—who had been vice chair of FTA’s Supplier Leadership Council, as well as a member of the Environmental and Excellence Awards Committees, frequent judge in the Excellence in Flexography Awards Competition and second term member of FTA’s Board of Directors—was about to become chairman of its Foundation’s Board of Trustees. He held that post midway into 2008.

During his tenure as chairman of the board, he was tapped to become the association’s ambassador to the Australian and New Zealand Flexographic Technical Association (ANZFTA), where he spoke at its Forum and seized the opportunity to tour several “factories.” Writing of that experience in December 2007, he observed, “Production and scheduling requirements are not as hectic as in the U.S…. Distance from assistance breeds more of a risk taker attitude in their endeavors. People exhibit a passion to be the best.”

That’s something Lancelle has always appreciated, as evidenced by a statement he penned for FLEXO leading up to the start of the Forum he chaired. “One of the greatest things about working in this industry is the quality and dedication of the people you get to meet along the way. It’s been a great ride!”

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