FTA Europe Is Born

FTA Europe meeting photo

The FTA Europe meeting in Brussels

BRUSSELS, Belgium—International Flexographic Technical Associations spread throughout Europe have announced intentions to join forces in promoting the advancement, growth and acceptance of the print process on both a regional and global basis.

Delegates from Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, France and Italy came together for a second time on June 25 to implement initiatives designed to form a collective, single voice of the industry across the continent. The group’s first meeting took place in Bologna, Italy late last year. They plan to meet again in Paris, France, Nov. 17-20, 2014.

The entity, to be known as FTA Europe, has designated standardization of the flexo process as a primary focus of its early work. It plans to promote flexography as a competitive printing technology for packaging.

June’s meeting was hosted by EFTA-Benelux and sponsored by Esko, Sun Chemical and Uteco. FTA Europe is seen as an umbrella organization of the European flexographic industry with individual national associations constituting its membership. Its board will be made up of representatives from the respective national associations. Development of a logo and organizational website is underway. Unveiling of both is expected in a few months’ time.

Rogier Krabbendam, secretary general of EFTA-Benelux, explained: “As a group, we want to raise the overall level of training and education in the European flexographic industry, but it will be those on the ground that are able to organize and deliver the training that will make this a reality. This will help create a harmonized level of knowledge and technical competence across the European flexographic industry. Harmonizing the work of the different European flexo associations will provide a way to help the flexo market to continue growing, and to keep the whole market informed about the latest technology developments and process advancements being made.”

Sante Conselvan, ATIF president, observed: “FTA Europe is intended for all those in Europe who use the flexo process. Together, we are stronger.”

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