Forum Sessions in Detail

March 6-9 | Omni Fort Worth | Fort Worth, TX

Free Preconference: Corral the Processes, Ride the Workflow

The FQC Preconference session will provide attendees a simplified understanding of how to match concept expectations with final output. Experts and practitioners will explain and demonstrate the roles and activities of brand owners, design artists, prepress and press personnel. Simplification of ISO 16761-2 combined with CRPC (Characterized Reference Printing Condition) profiles will provide the roadmap for definitions and procedures used to work smarter and work less to increase profits. You’ll see how to implement the PDF workflow using standard procedures as we walk through the process using simple tools in live demonstrations in order to enable accurate and precise communication—both locally and globally. The FQC preconference has an open, interactive format providing participants a broad perspective on technologies universally impacting flexographic printing. Plan to learn and be motivated.

Chairs: Sam Ingram, Clemson University and Jean Jackson, Graymills Corp.

Understanding the Customer FIRST

Get inside the minds of your customers—the print buyers—and learn exactly what they expect in terms of print quality. Representatives from powerhouse brands such as General Mills will be on tap to share their perspectives and print requirements so that you understand what issues need to be addressed within your own plant. Then join us as we explore how those expectations tie back to FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances). This is a great opportunity to hear directly from your customers and learn what others are doing in terms of print quality, data collection, and data utilization.  

Chairs: Robb Frimming, Schawk and John Gleich, GROUP360 Worldwide

Hall of Fame Panel

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a leader, innovator or pioneer in the flexographic industry? Join us for this interactive unique Q&A session where we will delve into how our FTA Hall of Fame inductees developed excellence in their lives…both personally and in the lives of those around them. Learn from them the strategies that you can employ to succeed in your career and carry the torch as the next generation of industry leadership.

Chairs: Howard Vreeland, Jr., Anderson & Vreeland, Inc. and Nathan Plavnick, Esko

New Tools for Your Prepress Workflows

Powerful new tools for communicating, controlling, predicting, and optimizing color are on their way to your electronic prepress workflow. While color profiling is routine, getting the most out of profiles for expanded gamut is challenging. And, while we have new ways to communicate color, what does this mean for halftone values of spot colors? Hear three industry experts provide illuminating presentations on these important topics for the prepress workflow.

Chairs: Catherine Haynes, All Printing Resources, Inc. and Brad Taylor, DuPont Packaging Graphics

2016 Flexo Game Changers

From the plate room to the press room: Take a look at how revolutionary technologies in flexography have enabled leading printers and trade shops to increase production, maintain quality print results, lower costs, and minimize waste—basically everything any successful flexographer strives for! Hear firsthand accounts of how trade shops and printers maintain their innovative edge—which sometimes means pushing the boundaries in wide web, narrow web, and corrugated printing.

Chairs: Nicole Ross, Kodak and Joel Engelberth, Esko

FQC: Preparing for the Future

This session will provide attendees with new research in the use of Stochastic Screening in Flexography and the development of Smart Ink for flexographic printing. The session will also feature the use of six sigma techniques in a production environment. Your organization should be prepared for the future by knowing where you are today and how to get where you want to be tomorrow.

Chairs: Jean Engelke, RR Donnelley and Pam Dorrough, 3M

Enhancing Digital Print with Flexography

We live in a digital world—virtually everything has been reduced to bits and bytes, with new machines being developed daily to translate that data in new and better ways. Printing technologies are no different and rapid advances in “competing” technologies are driving the industry into a new frontier. But what happens when two technologies are used in tandem? Can the whole be more that the sum of its parts? This session is geared toward those who are looking for the best of both worlds—the speed, efficiency and repeatability of flexo, and the unique variability and flexibility offered by digital printing. Join us for a comprehensive session that looks at where digital print and flexo are today, and see how combining these two technologies can result in a truly amazing and profitable future!

Chairs: Andy Knapp, Flint Group Flexographic Products and John Hickey, Domino Digital Printing Solutions North America

Flexo International – 60 Minutes Around the World

If there’s one business topic with staying power, it’s the impact of globalization. In today’s integrated world, you’re clients aren’t necessarily your next-door neighbors—they can hail from far away distances like Cairo, Johannesburg or Santiago! This means you need to become “internationally oriented.” You need to understand the growth areas and trends in other parts of the world so you can capitalize on new business opportunities. You need to know about the different technologies, practices and sustainability initiatives that are used in various geographies. You need to understand the vast cultural distinctions that impact employee attitudes, educational systems and career paths. This session will explore all of the above in a captivating “talk show” format. Our panel of international experts will field probing questions, dispel common misconceptions, and offer keen insights into the global flexographic print process. Give us 60 minutes and we’ll give you the world!

Chairs: Alex James, Kodak and Marek Skrzynski, CSW

Direct Engraving: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Direct engraving has been around the flexo industry for many years. However, today’s laser technologies combined with today’s consumables make this one of the most progressive plating processes available. Join us as Steve, Johnny and their team of industry experts explore where direct engraving technology has been and where it’s going, all while exploring its unique capabilities for enhancing the image carriers of tomorrow.

Chairs: Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates and Johnny Stamey, Daetwyler Corp.

Flexography 101: Define It! 

A wise flexographic guru once said, “You must understand it, before you can control it!” Okay, maybe that never happened, but the statement still holds truth. If you want a firm grasp of the fundamental concepts and core terminology of the flexographic process, this session will provide it. Topics include: market segments, press types, and all major press components along with their impact on print quality. At the end of the session you’ll have a significantly elevated understanding of the overall flexographic process and will be able to communicate and execute flexo concepts like a true master.

Chairs: Zachery Blackburn, Central Piedmont Community College and Shawn Oetjen, AWT Labels & Packaging

Flexography 102: Control it!

Are you having trouble reproducing the same print from job to job? Do you find it challenging to consistently meet client expectations with regards to print quality? Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and needless expenditures? If so, this session is a must attend. Join us as we walk you through the necessary steps to help you take control of your print. See what happens when you introduce FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances) methodology into an uncontrolled print process. Learn the basics of calibration, optimization, fingerprinting, and characterization from the FIRST perspective. This new level of understanding will lead you right where you need to be—higher quality print, more satisfied clients, and a heftier bottom line!

Chairs: Zachery Blackburn, Central Piedmont Community College and Shawn Oetjen, AWT Labels & Packaging

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