Esko’s Equinox Wins FTA’s 2014 Technical Innovation Award

Esko EquinoxBALTIMORE, MD – April 27, 2014 – Flexographic Technical Association tonight named Esko’s Equinox software technology a winner of its 2014 Technical Innovation Award in the prepress graphics category.

“There’s a lot of great new flexo technology out there. For a committee of industry experts to objectively select Equinox as the most valuable technology of the year is a great compliment to the development team at Esko,” said Mark Samworth, Esko’s product specialist-color. “Receiving this award will help further the adoption of Equinox in the flexo industry and encourage Esko to continue its large development commitment. That will be good for the flexo industry as whole.”

Equinox converts 4-color jobs, in CMYK or RGB, to 7-color process and allows for spot colors and combining multiple jobs into a single run, bringing a higher graphic quality, more print consistency and increased profitability. It focuses on four 4-color combinations: CMYK, OMYK, CGYK and CMVK.

“Now, through a user friendly interface and a series of curves related to lightness, chroma and hue, a user can get the benefit of truly color managed gamut expansion and be able to selectively discriminate according to color space how much gamut expansion to apply to different subjects,” Samworth said.

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