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Omet Celebrates 50 Years of Passion & Excellence

LECCO, Italy-- More than 300 people were guests of Omet, May10-12, for celebrations of its 50th anniversary. Among them were customers from all over the world, national and international journalists, agents, suppliers, collaborators and local authorities.

Official presentation of the monograph of OMET "50 Years of Passion and Excellence took place at the Villa Cipressi in Varenna, Lecco, on the afternoon of Friday, May 10. Then, on Saturday, OMET welcomed customers from all five continents, journalists writing for both the printing and tissue industries, business partners who sponsored the event; and the sales force present in the foreign branches and agencies all over the world.

Antonio Bartesaghi, managing director of OMET and Marco Calcagni, sales director, explored the path of 50 years of passion and challenges and laid the foundations of a bright future.

After a  demonstration on the new XFlex X6 equipped with offset sleeve groups, the first press in the world to allow an exceptionally quick job changeover having to replace the sleeve only at each new execution, the group moved to Lecco harbor to continue on the most relaxed part of the day: a boat trip from Lecco to Bellagio with a sightseeing tour of the village, and from Bellagio to Como. The day ended with a gala dinner at beautiful Villa Olmo in Como. A social event was scheduled for the next day including visits to Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo and a lunch in the town of Menaggio.

Thanks to the enchanting atmosphere of the lake and the beautiful sun which begun to shine on Friday afternoon, the three-day event marked the strengthening of existing collaboration, reinforced old friendships, excited and entertained. Not forgetting of course that what matters is the ability of OMET to be a high-technology partner for the customers with a deep understanding of the market rules and whose mantra is pure innovation, simple in its sophistication.

Antonio Bartesaghi remarked, "This event is not only an occasion to celebrate OMET’s 50 years but its role in the market, its capacity to grow, go ahead of time and reach important goals. "