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New HD Flexo Doctor Blade

CHARLOTTE, NC--FLXON Inc. reports the North American launch of MFLEX PLUS-HD, a new higher performing doctor blade introduced by SWEDEV AB, the Sweden-based steel technology firm responsible for developing the highly regarded SWEDCUT brand of precision doctor blades. According to FLXON spokesperson, Ryan Sharkey, this blade achieves tight metering on all anilox line counts allowing printers to maintain print integrity even on the smallest type, finest dots and vignettes at high speeds.

Sharkey went on to explain MFLEX PLUS is a new class of ultra-refined HD steel developed to perform on high performance flexo presses running at speeds up to 2000 feet / 600 meters per minute. Precision tolerance finishing makes the MFLEX PLUS one of the safest doctor blade choices to run against delicate high-line anilox. This blade features the new HD STABILIZED MICRO-RADIAL TIP, pictured. It has no noticeable step-down like conventional lamella tips but rather is an elongated gradual bevel sloping to a radius. Compared to traditional lamella stepped edged blades, the HD STABILIZED MICRO-RADIAL TIP resists edge flex and the formation of damaging slivers. It achieves a 30 percent smaller contact area. Printers using this blade report fewer mid-run press stops even on long runs making it ideal for HD flexo.”   

The SWEDCUT BRAND of printing doctor blades are available in a wide range of blade materials and edge types, each developed to meet specific application requirements and value needs. FLXON is the exclusive distributor for SWEDCUT in Canada, the USA and Mexico. For information about this or other blade products please visit or to arrange samples call Ryan Shakey at 800.756.6474.