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Eaglewood Technologies Partners with Haire Group

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--Eaglewood Technologies, makers of Sani-Blas Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems, has begun a partnership with corrugated machinery supplier, The Haire Group, to offer the Sani-Blast Anilox Roll Cleaning systems. The Sani-Blast systems clean rolls on-press or off-press with a proprietary blend of Arm and Hammer baking soda. The Haire Group has been a leading corrugated equipment dealer for decades and has evolved into a major supplier of new equipment, as well, including Apstar HG rotary die cutters and Topra GD flexo-folder-gluers.

According to Pete Mulheran, president of Eaglewood Technologies, “The partnership is a perfect fit for Eaglewood Technologies. Our Sani-Blast system demonstrated such great results at one of their customers’ that it has already resulted in a sale.”

Ken Andersen, Haire’s new machinery product manager, added, Tthe symmetry between our two companies only enhances the complementary benefit of the Sani-Blast system’s design, and we believe our customers will embrace Eaglewood Technology’s proven results and continued support. We foresee a long and mutually beneficial partnership as we move forward together”.