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A&V Introduces AVantage® Liquid Photopolymer Resins

Bryan, OH – A new and expanded line of AVantage® liquid photopolymers formulated for high-quality printing in the packaging, stamp industries, and for molding and signage applications, has been introduced by Anderson & Vreeland, Inc., leading manufacturer and distributor of flexographic plate processing equipment and materials.

The new AVantage® liquid photopolymer resins are named for their applications and include AVBag, AVStamp, and AVMaster. AVBag (AVB) is designed to meet the increasing demands of the packaging industry and is a highly-resistant, durable plate that provides excellent ink transfer. AVB is a 55 Shore A durometer plate with a wide imaging latitude and delivers exceptional results from the most demanding artwork. AVB is compatible with most water-based and glycol-based inks.

AVStamp (AVS) is formulated for the hand stamp/marking device industry and offers exceptional clarity and UV stability for impressive flexibility and durability. AVS is a 50 Shore A durometer plate that is non-yellowing and compatible with most water-based and glycol-based inks.

AVMaster (AVM) is specifically formulated for molding and signage applications, and is a highly resistant, durable plate that provides excellent imaging characteristics. AVM is a 80/90 Shore A durometer plate with a wide imaging latitude and ideal for enhanced imaging quality where fine detail is required.

“We have identified a need in the marketplace for quality liquid photopolymers at a competitive price, backed by a service-oriented company with substantial flexographic printing experience,” said Randy Reynolds, business development manager, Anderson & Vreeland. “Anderson & Vreeland now offers customers the absolute best of both worlds, whether they require sheet or liquid photopolymer materials,” added Reynolds.

The new AVantage® liquid photopolymers expand the product line established in 2011 with the introduction of AVCorrugated liquid photopolymer. These products now include photopolymer resins specifically designed for high-quality printing on corrugated board, multi-wall bags/sacks, molding applications, and for the production of hand stamps.

In addition to exceptional value and quality, the liquid photopolymers offer a number of environmental advantages since they do not use solvents or VOCs, consume less energy during processing, and the un-imaged photopolymer can be reclaimed and reused.

Anderson & Vreeland has 50 years experience supplying platemaking equipment and materials to the flexo industry and 30 years experience in liquid photopolymer technology. For further information, contact your Anderson & Vreeland representative or visit