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CGS Debuts New 3D Proof Capabilities

Minneapolis, MN—Already dominant in color management for proofing and digital print, CGS debuts its powerful new solutions for the packaging industry. The company unveils a major initiative in the packaging market—including a partnership with Color-Logic.

CGS will demonstrate revolutionary new software for packaging design and visualization: RealVue 3D Packager. The program, which works effortlessly with DXF, PDF, and Adobe Illustrator (AI) files, allows designers and brand managers to create accurate visual 3D animated prototypes, including difficult elements like embossing, substrate textures, cut-outs and metallic inks. The results can easily be shared with marketing and brand managers—using a free reader plugin—drastically reducing the time and cost of the package design cycle.


CGS and Color-Logic will also demonstrate the results of their recent technology partnership: the integration of Color-Logic’s revolutionary Process Metallic Color System with both RealVue 3D Packager and the ORIS color prototyping environment. The combination—unique in the packaging industry—will streamline the design and prototyping of folding cartons. The combination “reduces trial and error in package creation, and reduces the time required to bring products to market,” says Mark Geeves, director, sales and marketing, Color-Logic.

The two companies will demonstrate the products’ success in reproducing difficult metallic colors and special effects—both in virtual 3D simulations and in hard-copy prototypes.
CGS will also feature ORIS Color Tuner // Web on the Roland VS and LEC wide format printers—offering the ultimate solution for flexible packaging proofs, mock-ups and short runs. In addition to Color Tuner’s contract-quality color management, the ORIS-Roland combination offers continuous tone and screendot proofing, precise spot, white, and metallic color reproduction, as well as many packaging-specific special effects.

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