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Spiral Cylinder Design Facilitates Installation & Removal of Dies

NEWTON, KS: Bunting® Magnetics Co. has introduced a new magnetic printing cylinder featuring a revolutionary new spiral formation. This design, which has curved magnetic rows, provides superior holding power and makes the installation and removal of dies very smooth. The spiral design allows the cylinder to be used on both die cutting and printing applications.

“This is the next evolution for magnetic printing cylinders,” stated Mike Wilks, general manager, flexible die division, Bunting. “Our new Magnetic Spiral Cylinder will give our customers the best holding power in the industry. Also, our unique design dramatically reduces the chance that a die will be damaged when being removed from the cylinder.”

The patent-pending spiral layout ensures that a plate will always fall on a magnetic field. When a press operator is pulling the plate off the cylinder, the new cylinder will release the plate smoothly and avoid any costly kinking of the die. This contrasts to regular cylinders, which typically have a dead zone that can cause a die to snap and crease. With the new Spiral Cylinder, even short dies that are not “full wrap” will always land on a magnetic field.

These cylinders are built to the same exacting tolerances as Bunting’s X-treme® cylinders, providing a total run out accuracy below 40 millionths of an inch (1 micron)—best in the industry. The Magnetic Spiral Cylinder is built with a Total Indicator Reading (TIR) of +/- 1 micron.

Bunting uses powerful magnets which lock dies in place so that they do not lift or shift. X-treme® cylinders significantly increase die life, reduce false starts and make clean cuts even on 1-mil stock with less than 1-mil liners, on “no-look labels' and on synthetics.

For more information on the new revolutionary Magnetic Spiral Cylinders, please visit INFO*FLEX Booth # 338.