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End-to-End Workflow Solutions Showcased

MIAMISBURG, OH: As the Platinum Plus Sponsor of this year's FTA Annual Forum and INFO*FLEX exhibit, from March 18-21 in San Antonio, TX, Esko will be demonstrating its extensive range of innovative solutions for packaging print providers. The company will display its end-to-end workflow solutions, showcasing its Suite 10 portfolio of print and packaging pre-production software, featuring Studio, a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design made specifically for packaging artwork professionals in Booth # 113.

Automation is becoming an extremely important determinant of print provider profitability and Esko automation solutions address a range of tools from simple trapping programs in the prepress department, to the introduction of advanced 3D design software and the building of full-fledged, sophisticated prepress production automation.

At Forum, Esko has been asked to open the conference with welcoming remarks, which will be offered by Ian Hole. Also, Mark Samworth, last year’s inductee to the FTA Hall of Fame, is one of the session chairs of FOG'D 2012: Reality Flexo. Attendees will be able to see and compare real world print jobs pitting flexo against offset, gravure and digital. Real world production jobs will be reviewed from a print quality and consumer perspective and objective analyses will be offered from brand owners, a corrugated packaging and display company, and printers/converters. Attendees will learn how flexo compares in terms of quality, repeatability and color accuracy with the alternative forms of print. That takes place Sun., March 18, beginning at 12:30 pm.

On Tues., March 20, Ian Hole will discuss the association of standard ink density and accurate color match during his presentation in the Flexo Quality Consortium Session that begins at 8:00 am. Ink lay down on press, when delivered correctly, should be even and show no pinhole effect or reticulation, all too familiar in the flexo process. This session examines the role of ink lay down, quality ink solids (SID) and matching industry standards, as well as customer targets. Details will be offered from tests made around different ink lay down levels and how they affect color and SID levels.

Finally, in a pr- Forum bonus session, to be staged Sat., March 17, under the billing of FQC Day, Rory Marson, will discuss flexo and graphics terminology, and the basics of ink, including the types and qualities of those most often used in today's flexo presses — such as water-based, solvent and UV. Rory, who will speak under the "Fundamentals of Flexo" umbrella, will conclude the session with a ‘graphics primer, covering prepress elements and related printing terms including dot gain issues, compensation curves, gray balance, tonal range, ink film thickness, solid ink density, traps, vignettes and more.