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Sun Chemical Solutions Help Packaging Stand Out on Store Shelves

PARSIPPANY, NJ: Sun Chemical will showcase innovative products for flexible packaging printers who are looking for new ways to help their customers’ products stand out on the store shelves at INFO*FLEX 2012, set for San Antonio, TX, March 19-20. Visitors to Booth #425 will be introduced to high-definition digital plate technology which provides sharper images than standard plates, specialty inks that please nearly all the human senses, and coatings that facilitate production of lightweight packaging, maintain integrity, and reduce waste.

“Brand owners are looking for package printers to provide them with new ways for their packaging solutions to stand out in a sea of consumer choices,” said Tony Renzi, vice president, product management, liquid inks, North American Inks. “At INFO*FLEX, we’re helping our customers make a splash in the industry by showcasing special effects designed to help brand owners’ packaging pop off of the shelf. From scented coatings to game-changing oxygen-barrier technology or ink designed specifically for high-speed flexo presses, Sun Chemical is bringing solutions to customers for each of the key challenges the industry is facing today.”

Sharper images and sustainable solutions are promised for narrow web, tag and label and corrugated printers. At the show, they will be introduced to SunGraphics® high definition flexographic plate technology, with Esko HD software and CDI high resolution imaging. Converters that utilize the HD printing plates can print with an image quality of up to 4,000ppiI resulting in expanded tonal range and wider color gamut to produce sharper more vibrant images and colors.

Printers will also see the new flat-top dot technology that prints with 30-60 percent less impression sensitivitycompared to standard digital plates, which allows for longer, cleaner, more consistent runs from beginning to end.

Flexographic printers looking to integrate sustainable practices into their workflow can also consider SunGraphics® SunLite In-Position Plates. Shown to reduce a printer’s carbon footprint, these alternatives to conventional mounted plates are produced using up to 50 percent less photopolymer—eliminating solvents, VOCs and PVC materials. Printers using the SunLite plates can take advantage of accurate color-to-color registration and improved safety in handling and durability due to a 70 percent lower weight than conventional plates.

Specialty inks engage the senses and visitors at Sun Chemical’s booth will see firsthand how specialty effects inks and coatings can engage the senses. Guests will walk away with a tortilla chip bag which uses Sun Chemical’s metallic and glow-in-the-dark inks. Additional fluorescent and pearlescent inks on display can also help packaging visually stand out on the shelf.

In partnership with ScentSational Technologies, Sun Chemical can help brand owners interact with consumers using the sense of smell through SunScent® water-based coatings. Available in stock or custom aromas, SunScent coatings, can be used for all types of print and can be applied as a spot coating and done in-line. Sun Chemical scent marketing experts can help brand owners and package printers develop a unique fragrance for their brand. Tactile, velvet feel and soft feel coatings invite the touch of fingers, while interactive effects such as glow-in-the-dark or photochromic inks and coatings can make products seem more than a typical item on the shelf.

Oxygen barrier packaging technology delivers value and enhances sustainability in order to address the industry’s challenge to reduce waste costs and minimize packaging while still maintaining all the critical functioning properties of the packaging structure. Sun Chemical will introduce SunBar® Oxygen barrier coatings to the North American market at the show.

SunBar Oxygen barrier coatings are designed to enable lightweighting of packaging by removing the metal foil and one layer of adhesive from packaging, as well as offering improved laminate flexibility. A smooth, homogenous, pinhole-free layer, SunBar is easily overprinted with inks and can be laminated to a variety of secondary films. SunBar is cost-effective, recyclable, biodegradable and press-ready, allowing for lighter-weight packaging, a reduced carbon footprint, and easy application with few changes to current equipment.

Sun Chemical will also display two lines of water-based inks at INFO*FLEX 2012. SunVisto® Everest® line of flexo water-based inks are formulated for vignette and process printing on paper and board for pre-print, multi-wall, post-print and narrow-web applications. Everest inks are formulated to allow for clean printing, good ink resolution, high-quality definition, and may be overprinted with various water-based or UV lacquers when improved resistance properties are required.

Alternatively, the SunVisto® Advantage® line of water-based inks are specifically developed to be pH stable for corrugated printers who want a consistent pressrun without monitoring or adjusting pH levels. They offer consistent color strength, longer pressruns without maintenance and reduced plate washing during a pressrun.

SunSpectro® Sunsharp® solvent-based inks were developed for high-speed, wide web flexo presses of bread bags and frozen food packaging, SunSpectro Sunsharp inks are high gloss, resistant to water, fats and oils, and formulated for low odor and low viscosity for enhanced color strength. Developed for flexographic printing on polyethylene film, SunSpectro® Sunsharp® HR solvent-based inks provide moderate heat resistance of up to 350 degrees, maintain excellent gloss, and are suitable for use with conventional and high-performance printing plates. Its clean printing and water resistance make it an ideal choice for printing on items such as plastic bags, shampoo bottles and milk containers.

For high-speed flexo presses, Sun Chemical’s SunStrato® SB Velocity DPT-285 lamination links are designed specifically for printing on polypropylene and polyethylene. These nitrocellulose-base blendable inks are compatible with a wide range of adhesives, and are formulated to combat flexo dirty print, maintain high color strength and maintain good solvent release properties. These inks are suitable for printing on harder, more durable plastics, as well as mugs.