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Comexi Group Bets on Innovation By Changing Its Sales Structure

Girona, Spain -- Comexi Group, leading company in the manufacture of
machinery for the flexible packaging, changes its Sales structure in order to improve the
relationship with its clients.

The new company’s structure incorporates innovative Marketing techniques for the industrial
sector, since it changes the department from a traditional Sales segmentation to a more
specialized vision and structure.

The new Sales team includes all the current employees working in this area and it will be
divided in two separated teams, both supervised by Albert Negre, Business Managing Director.
These teams will focus their work on three kinds of clients.

The team supervised by Aleix Mas, Business Development & Marketing Director, will center its
efforts on looking for new business opportunities and it has specialists of every client’s area.
The essential work of Agustí Combis, Key Account Manager, will be part of this team, too.
David Centelles, Sales & Service Director at Comexi Group, leads a team devoted to the current
clients of the company. The aim of this area is to detect their clients’ needs and requests and
deal with them according to their geographical zone.

These changes are expected to offer a better service to Comexi Group’s clients and to bring the
company closer to the aims pointed in its Strategic Plan.