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All Printing Resources Teams Up at LabelExpo

Danvers, MA -- An innovation leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers and software solutions for the global print and packaging communities will be teaming up with All Printing Resources (APR) at LabelExpo Americas in Booth #536 on September 11-13 in Chicago, Illinois.

“We are extremely excited to partner with APR during Label Expo” states George Adam, President of Techkon USA. “All Printing Resources brings a unique expertise in the Flexo marketplace particularly well suited to our focus on providing the very best in instrumentation and solutions for the packaging industry.”

Techkon USA will be showcasing their newest products just released as well as their traditional line of spectro-densitometers in the APR Booth at this event. Visitors will see the SpectroEdge®, an inline spectrophotometer designed for flexographic presses that measures and maintains accurate color at production speeds of up to 1000 ft/min, ChromaQA®, its new cloud-based color quality assurance software, and the new SpectroDens Premium complete with a high resolution color display.

Based on TECHKON’s leading-edge color measurement technology, SpectroEdge marks a turning point in the flexographic print markets. Installed on a mechanical arm that traverses the web SpectroEdge reads color samples either at preset intervals or frequencies, or via a hard-wired signal initiated by the printing press operator. SpectroEdge converts the raw data, instantly interpreting the color values sent to the host computer to indicate needed press adjustments. This inline spectrophotometer will dramatically impact the flexographic print marketplace by significantly reducing set-up time, catching unacceptable color variations as they happen and increasing overall press run efficiencies to deliver previously unattainable levels of color quality.

Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, TECHKON ChromaQA is a powerful set of tools designed to provide both direct and remote access to pressroom color data, allowing print quality control managers to monitor color quality in real-time on press, locally or remotely. It empowers digital, flexographic, and packaging press operators to make timely, critical adjustments on press, substantially increasing quality and profitability by catching problems early in the print production process.

All Printing Resources, Inc. (APR), working in conjunction with SpotOn! Press, is proud to announce a client-server version of SpotOn! Flexo. SpotOn! Flexo is a leading-edge technology that makes it possible to get optimum color reproduction and density information for any spot color, including C,M,Y,K, right at your fingertips.

“Since the launch of SpotOn! Flexo last November the number one request we have received from users is the ability to share the database file,” says Richard Black, Director of Digital Solutions for APR. “This new client-server version of SpotOn! Flexo allows multiple users to access the same SpotOn! Flexo database file via an internal network or the internet.”

“Our long term product planning had always included a client-server version” said Bruce Bayne, creator of SpotOn! software. “The success of SpotOn! Flexo as a stand alone product allowed us to move up this development to meet customer requests” added Bayne.

The new client-server version of SpotOn! Flexo operates the same way as the current standalone version of SpotOn! Flexo. The software compares the spectral data of a color measured on a press pull (using a spectrophotometer) to the spectral data of the reference color. A quick calculation gives the press operator the optimal density to obtain the closest match to the reference color, or lowest Delta E, or ∆E.

The ability to have multiple users access the same database file means there is no longer a need to keep multiple database files up-to-date. Now a user can be running a job on one press while accessing the database file simultaneously on another press or in the ink room. The new client-server version of SpotOn! Flexo comes standard with two client seats, or users, and additional client seats can be added at anytime.

The new Client-Server version of SpotOn! Flexo will make its debut at Labelexpo Americas 2012. APR will be displaying and demonstrating several new products at Labelexpo, including innovations in plate cleaning, cutting edge spectrophotometer technology, plate mounting and end seal solutions, and much more.

Visit us at Labelexpo Americas 2012 (Booth #536) to learn more about the new Client-Server version of SpotOn! Flexo and these other exciting new products.