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Poor Dot Quality–A Thing of the Past for 200+ Trade Houses

WILSHIRE, ENGALAND: UK-based Troika Systems have successfully launched its new FlexoPlate Quality Control application replacing the original FlexoCAM dot size and shape profile tool used by more than 200 trade houses globally. The FlexoPlate QC is an easy-to-use application used with the AniCAM 3D scanning microscope, which enables analysis of dot size and shape as well as checking the exposure & washout of plates.

“Dot size is a standard measurement, but understanding the cost of uneven exposure on dot shapes and what happens when the wash out causes uneven dots on press makes you realise how important plate QC is,” said Phil Hall, managing director Troika Systems. “Having an ongoing quality checking ability is helping many trade houses ensure what they are supplying matches the needs of their customers exactly. And if there are any issues they can be identified very quickly and remedied with the minimum loss of production time.”

With line counts exceeding 200 lpi and all the new hybrid screening technologies coming out, a 3D view of the dot is required in order to determine and maintain the minimum dot on a plate. This is why Troika customers requested higher resolution and greater magnification capability from the new FlexoPlate software. The new generation hardware also greatly increases the speed of operation. Old standard dot size measurements are simply not up to the demands of today’s highest quality flexo printing.

“Our customers work in-the-round (ITR) and can now measure the dot sizes and profile, including the supporting shoulders,” said David Parr of Lead Lasers, Netherlands, “This improves their confidence when using the direct laser engraved sleeves, knowing it will print right first time.” Originally developed in 2005 with the support of DuPont Neu Isenberg and Flint Inks Stuttgart, the Troika FlexoCAM pioneered non-destructive 3D flexo dot measurement. The FlexoPlate QC app further advances the science of dot measurement for printers and plate makers for years to come.