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Flint Group Expands Low-Migration UV Ink Manufacturing Capabilities

TRELLEBORG,SWEDEN--To meet the increased market demand for low-migration UV inks, Flint Group has made a major investment in manufacturing equipment for its growing ink product range in its motherplant for narrow web inks. “The capacity for low-migration inks manufacture will be considerably increased after completion of this investment and we will be able to quickly follow the global market demands of food packaging applications,” explains Peter Hakansson, operations director, Trelleborg. He continues, “The investment will also ensure the elimination of potential contamination since the low-migration products will be processed in separate and specialized equipment. We are currently in the process of the installation and plan to reach full capacity from this expansion during the summer. Although demands for low-migration UV inks are currently centred on mainland Europe, this investment will also strengthen our global infrastructure to enable Flint Group to further serve the label markets.”

The investment is another sign of Flint Group’s strong commitment to the food packaging and label segment. The company has just recently announced the launch of Flexocure ANCORA, Flint Group’s latest ink innovation for the food label industry. With this new ink series, Flint Group is able to offer a UV Flexo ink with high performance on press and excellent color strength and adhesion, while still meeting lowest possible migration limits.