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Omet Monotwin-Cut - A Single Magnetic Cylinder for all Label Formats

Reports from the first three users of Omet's new inline Monotwin-Cut unit are extremely encouraging, according to a company spokesman. The new unit has been designed specifically for the label market as a simple and efficient tool that offers high precision, top productivity and great flexibility. The Monotwin-Cut uses a single magnetic cylinder for all label sizes, eliminating the need for converters to stock a large and expensive range of tools range at their factories. The advantages of the new system are: A reduction in time and management costs: there is no need to keep a stock of magnetic cylinders; only a single sheet needs changing, and in just few seconds you can go from one format to another without any material waste Reduced production problems associated with late deliveries of tools and variable tool quality Simple and intuitive to use Good operator ergonomics: no lifting tackle is required for cylinders Full control of the unit, web tension and waste removal from the main control panel Fully automatic pre-register and register control. MonoTwin-Cut is ideal for short runs, because there is no need to invest in magnetic cylinders. It is an innovative and effective answer to one of the most critical problems in the production process.