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TLF Graphics Installs Workflow Solution by AVT

ROCHESTER, NY--Label printers have always sought ways to increase the efficiency of existing presses and rewinders. TLF GRaphics, a committed label printer, is one of the growing number of label printers around the world to install an AVT PrintVision/Helios II 100 percent Automatic Inspection solution together with a Helios II WorkFlow Link.

TLF Graphics produces high quality pressure sensitive labels as well as labeling systems and screen printed products. For label production they use both flexography and digital printing processes. TLF installed the AVT equipment last year on a Nilpeter press and an Arpeco Tracker rewinder.

Dan Wagner, vice president of operations and partner in TLF Graphics commented, “It is all about delivering the highest quality, defect-free product to the customer. The AVT systems have allowed us to improve print quality and increase throughput. We use the defect detection system for all applications, including the automatic inspection of printing products with very small type that are difficult and costly for an individual to inspect.”