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Macaran Printed Products Puts In Performance Press, Finishing Solution

COHOES, NY-- Macaran Printed Products, an active Flexographic Technical Association member for 25+ years, has purchased a Mark Andy Performance Series P7 in-line flexographic press. The company which has been delivering high-quality printed film and film labels since the 1970s, expects to take delivery in March. The new press will complement an existing Mark Andy LP3000 that was purchased in 2007. That machine is currently being upgraded with screen capability.

Macaran Printed ProductsSelected to support Macaran in its high-volume, high-impact pressure-sensitive and film work, the P7 was an attractive solution because of its quick changeovers and superior quality output. As the company adds to its pharmaceutical and consumer goods offering and further expands into unsupported film and flexible packaging, the P7 resolves a need for additional capacity, while also providing Macaran with increased capability. The combination hot air/UV, eight-color, 17 inch (430 mm) press includes a film package, multiple die stations, delam/relam, and rail-mounted web turnbar and constant tension laminator.

In addition to the P7, Macaran has also invested in a Rotoflex VLI440 finishing solution, ideal for precise inspection of filmic substrates. The Rotoflex VLI is equipped with the recently launched Genesis advanced control system, providing increased accuracy and processing speeds. The advanced system can not only identify defects within a stream of a single label or image shape, but independent lane configuration provides the converter the ability to run multiple sizes and shapes of labels on one roll, detecting defects regardless of label contour, size or color.