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LUX Process Sought Around the World

Atlanta, Georgia – December 8, 2010: MacDermid Printing Solutions introduced the LUXTM platemaking process at the FTA Forum in Las Vegas in May, 2010. Initially launched in the U.S., regions outside of the U.S. have been clamoring for the LUX technology as well. In the second half of 2010, a total of 12 LUX installations have taken place outside of the U.S., with seven installations in Latin America and five in Europe.

Alberto M. Senado Sidauy, General Manager of Multibolsas Plasticas, S.A. de C.V., in Mexico, had this to say about the LUX Process: “Print quality is very important to our company, and we are sure that plates made with MacDermid’s LUX Process will significantly increase the print quality of our products. LUX offers us an extended print gamut and higher contrast in our print jobs, with the freedom to continue to use our current equipment.”

LUX, an innovative platemaking process developed by MacDermid, produces digital plates with an industry-leading print gamut, reduced fluting in corrugated, and overall improved print performance with smoother vignettes, higher contrast and faster press start-up. This simple process works with all existing plates from MacDermid, does not require modification to current equipment, and can be used with all digital flexo plate imaging units, including units equipped with the latest “HD Flexo” imaging technology from ESKO.

“Based on our internal testing, we were very excited about how LUX could help advance the flexo industry,” said Scot Benson, Vice President and General Manager at MacDermid. He continued, “MacDermid has always insisted upon offering our customers choices. By offering this versatile new technology that can be used with the same plates and same equipment that our customers already use, we knew that the majority of business owners would easily see the value of adding LUX to their line-up. It has also created great opportunities for collaboration with our customers and co-suppliers. The rapid adoption of LUX has accelerated innovation throughout the flexo supply chain and heightened our expectations for the continued development of LUX technology.”

More information about the LUX process can be found at To contact a MacDermid representative about LUX, please call +1.404.696.4565 or 1.800.348.7201.