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Star Packaging Introduces Solutions for Frozen Food

ATLANTA, GA – Star Packaging Corp., a leading provider of innovative flexible packaging, introduces a new line of packaging solutions for frozen food applications that enhances shelf appeal, maintains product quality and allows for an increased range of filling processes.

Frozen food packaging needs to grab the consumer's attention through the frosty freezer door, encouraging brands to move toward eye-catching colors and high-end designs. Star Packaging offers 10-color process printed laminations that help maximize a product's shelf-impact, allowing brands to stand-out in the limited real-estate of a freezer section.

Frozen food is typically filled at high speeds, so package durability is paramount to ensuring product safety and brand integrity. Star Packaging uses metallocene blends in custom films so that the packaging is puncture-resistant and able to endure the rigors of the filling process. To survive long-term frozen storage, Star also combines these same films into multiple layer laminations that prevent flex cracking, brittleness and brakeage.

To retain moisture and avoid freezer burn, frozen food packages must be sealed properly after every use. Star Packaging performance laminations offer excellent hot-tack and low seal initiation temperatures to provide superior hermetic seals at full production speeds. With the addition of INNO-LOK® zipper solutions, Star can help ensure package performance after it has been opened, maintaining product quality.

There are a wide number of filling processes used in the market, and Star Packaging offers a range of packaging technologies to meet the different requirements. Pouch options range from open-bottom to open-top, and from wicketed to loose pack, helping consumer product goods companies address varied consumer needs.

"By nature, frozen foods remain in consumer households for longer periods of time. CPGs can capitalize on this extended brand exposure by printing key messages and memorable imagery in high-definition," said Fred Crowe, president and CEO of Star Packaging.