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Flint Group Introduces BioCure F™: RenewableUV Ink System

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--BioCure F™ is an ink system developed with bio-renewable raw materials that also maintain key properties available in other state-of-the-art UV Flexo ink systems. "We have been asked by leading converters, who in turn have been asked by consumer product companies, to develop a UV Flexo ink that rivals robust UV Flexo technology but that is also developed with bio-renewable materials” says Tom Hammer, product manager Flint Group Narrow Web. “We feel that BioCure F™ shows Flint Group’s ongoing commitment to develop greener, more sustainable products to help support the market’s environmental requirements.”

It offers benefits such as: high productivity, cost savings, inventory reduction, longer run times and sustainable solutions. BioCure F is available in 4-color process and Pantone shades to enable a fully sustainable print for any graphic design. Jennifer Joyce, global product director, Flint Group states, “BioCure F is the next generation in UV Flexo technology.Technical performance is excellent with the added benefit of the renewable resin technology. As a global responsible supplier we have full awareness of local regulations and are proud to provide a fully approved sustainable ink solution to our valued customers around the world.”