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Next Generation Mounting Tape for Flexo Applications

CHARLOTTE, NC--Representatives from the Print & Web Processing Team of tesa tape, inc., an affiliate of tesa SE, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, are pleased to introduce three new products for the flexographic printing industry. This new product family – tesa Softprint FE--is a new-generation of plate mounting tapes designed for mounting printing plates onto print cylinders and sleeves for flexographic printing applications.

Development of the tesa Softprint FE Family (Fast Mounting & Easy Demounting) was based on months of field research to determine specific needs and desires of today’s sophisticated flexographic printer. Responding to market desires, the tesa Softprint FE product line was designed with a new, highly-optimized adhesive system that creates a powerful bond between printing plates and cylinders/sleeves when needed, and removes with extreme ease upon job
completion. Backed by a closed-cell PE (polyethylene) foam with an embedded polyester stabilizing film, tesa Softprint FE products are engineered to maintain their shape and form throughout the entire printrun, resulting in consistent print quality from the beginning of the job to the end.

Additionally, tesa Softprint FE products are available in multiple hardness levels to ensure a solution for virtually any press or print requirement. Included in the family: tesa 52920, for solid and line print; tesa 52921, for combination print; andt tesa 52922, for process print. tesa Softprint FE is the solution for challenges facing today’s flexographic printer that is looking to maximize run speeds and efficiency, deploy fast plate mounting and demounting techniques and eliminate edge lifting.